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2017. április 24. 10:48

Gregorios Sinaites als Lehrer des Gebetes

Eiji Hisamatsu, author

Oros Verlag

Die vorliegende Arbeit wurde im Wintersemester 1992/93 zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades "Doktor der Theologie" der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät der Universität Wien eingerecht. 










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2017. április 21. 13:14

Bonds and Wool

The pallium & papal power in the middle ages

Steven A. Schoenig, SJ, author

The Catholic University of America Press

When Pope Symmachus wrote to Bishop Caesarius of Arles in 513, expounding certain points that he wished his vicar to promulgate throughout Gaul, he also allowed him a rare privilege. After closing the letter, as if belatedly inspired, he added a brief line in which he bestowed “the faculty of using the pallium.”¹ This honorific gesture was the first extant papal grant (however informal) of that ecclesiastical vestment in the Western church.








Forrás: https://www.jstor.org/stable/j.ctt1gsmwbw

2017. április 21. 13:12

The Orthodox Church of Ethiopia

A history

John Binns, author

I.B. Tauris Press

Surrounded by steep escarpments to the north, south and east, Ethiopia has always been geographically and culturally set apart. It has the longest archaeological record of any country in the world. Indeed, this precipitous mountain land was where the human race began. It is also home to an ancient church with a remarkable legacy. The Ethiopian Church forms the southern branch of historic Christianity. It is the only pre-colonial church in sub-Saharan Africa, originating in one of the earliest Christian kingdoms-with its king Ezana (supposedly descended from the biblical Solomon) converting around 340 CE. Since then it has maintained its long Christian witness in a region dominated by Islam; today it has a membership of around forty million and is rapidly growing. Yet despite its importance, there has been no comprehensive study available in English of its theology and history. This is a large gap which this authoritative and engagingly written book seeks to fill. The Church of Ethiopia (or formally, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church) has a recognized place in worldwide Christianity as one of five non-Chalcedonian Orthodox Churches.As Dr Binns shows, it has developed a distinctive approach which makes it different from all other churches.


His book explains why this happened and how these special features have shaped the life of the Christian people of Ethiopia. He discusses the famous rock-hewn churches; the Ark of the Covenant (claimed by the Church and housed in Aksum); the medieval monastic tradition; relations with the Coptic Church; co-existence with Islam; missionary activity; and the Church's venerable oral traditions, especially the discipline of qene-a kind of theological reflection couched in a unique style of improvised allegorical poetry. There is also a sustained exploration of how the Church has been forced to re-think its identity and mission as a result of political changes and upheaval following the overthrow of Haile Selassie (who ruled as Regent, 1916-1930, and then as Emperor, 1930-74) and beyond.

Forrás: http://www.ibtauris.com/en/Books/Humanities/Religion%20%20beliefs/Christianity/Christian%20institutions%20%20organizations/The%20Orthodox%20Church%20of%20Ethiopia%20A%20History?menuitem=%7BDFF51E2F-C0BA-4928-ACC4-415188DCDEE8%7D

2017. április 21. 13:10

Byzantine mosaic decoration

Aspects of monumental art in Byzantium

Otto Demus, author

Boston Book












Forrás: https://quod.lib.umich.edu/cgi/t/text/text-idx?c=acls;cc=acls;view=toc;idno=heb03051.0001.001

2017. április 20. 08:59

The true significance of sacred tradition and its great worth by St. Raphael M. Hawaweeny

A nineteenth-century orthodox response to roman catholic and protestant missionaries in the East

Patrick Demetrios Viscuso, editor

NIU Press

Never before published, the theological thesis of St. ­Raphael Hawaweeny (1860–1915) is a fascinating work that shows the intersection of Catholicism, Protestantism, and ­Eastern ­Orthodoxy in the late nineteenth century. Canonized by the Orthodox Church in 2000, St. Raphael was the first Orthodox bishop consecrated in the Western hemisphere. His thesis reflects the life of the Orthodox community under Ottoman rule and is an apologia for Orthodox tradition, acting as a response to arguments advanced by Roman Catholic and Protestant ­missionaries in the Middle East.





Forrás: http://www.niupress.niu.edu/niupress/scripts/Book/bookResults.asp?ID=779

2017. április 12. 11:09

Incontro ai fratelli separati di Oriente.

Published 1945 by Unione Missionaria del Clero in Roma 













Forrás: https://openlibrary.org/books/OL18064154M/Incontro_ai_fratelli_separati_di_Oriente.


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