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2020. június 30. 10:14

La vita e la spiritualitá di Maria Celeste Crostarosa, O.SS.R.


In occasione della Beatificazione 

Foggia, 18 Giugno 2016

Alfonso V. Amarante - Álvaro Córdoba Chaves - Emilio Lage - Adam Owczarski, szerkesztők

Istituto Storico Redentorista









Forrás: http://www.santalfonsoedintorni.it/Spicilegium/65/SH-65-2017_I.pdf

2020. június 30. 10:05

150° della consegna dell'Icona della Madonna del Perpetuo Soccorso ai Redentoristi

Alfonso V. Amarante - Álvaro Córdoba Chaves - Emilio Lage - Adam Owczarski, szerkesztők

Istituto Storico Redentorista

In occasione del 150° anniversario della consegna dell'Icona della Madonna del Perpeto Soccorso ai Redentoristi da parte del beato papa Pio IX, si é ritenuto opportuno dedicare un numero speciale dello Spicilegium Historicum C.SS.R. alla storia , alla teologia, alla diffusione del culto e all'ultimo restauro dell'Icona.








Forrás: Presentazione


2020. június 29. 08:41

The World to Come

Ukrainen images of the last judgment

Liliya Berezhnaya - John-Paul Himka, authors

Harvard Univeristy Press

Icons and murals depicting the biblical scene of the Last Judgment adorned many Eastern-rite churches in medieval and early modern Ukraine. Dating from the twelfth to the eighteenth centuries, these images were extraordinarily elaborate, composed of dozens of discrete elements reflecting Byzantine, Novgorodian, Moldavian, and Catholic influences, in addition to local and regional traditions. Over time, the details of the iconography evolved in response to changing cultural resources, the conditions of material life at the time, and new trends in mentality and taste.

The World to Come lists and describes more than eighty Last Judgment images from present-day Ukraine, eastern Slovakia, and southeastern Poland, making it the largest compilation of its kind. Photographs show overviews and details of the images, and most are printed in full color. The icons and murals provide a valuable source of knowledge about the culture in which they were created: what was meant by good and evil, what was prophesied for the future, and what awaited in the afterlife.

Forrás: https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9781932650112

2020. június 26. 14:33

Lezioni di Teologia del Diritto Canonico

Paolo Gherri, athor

Lateran University Press


Lo scopo eminentemente didattico di quest’opera la caratterizza tanto nella sua globalità che in ciascuna delle sue componenti, in un percorso a tappe progressive che intende guidare chi intraprenda lo studio tecnico-sistematico del Diritto canonico ad una visione integrata ed integrale di tale Disciplina, in rapporto soprattutto alle sue premesse storiche, vitali e teoretiche.

Si tratta di un manuale nel vero senso del termine: un’opera da tenere a portata di mano per orientarsi durante lo studio; la stessa articolazione corrisponde fedelmente allo svolgimento accademico del Corso di Teologia del Diritto canonico: ogni lezione, un tema.

Il percorso articolato nello svolgersi dei temi, lungi da un’eccessiva pretesa sistematica, ha lo scopo d’individuare, motivare e definire gli elementi di reciproco interesse tra il campo proprio della Scienza giuridica canonistica e quello della Teologia nelle sue varie articolazioni e specializzazioni.



Forrás: http://www.kerigmanet.org/teologia/libro1.htm


2020. június 10. 09:03

What is faith?

Essays in the philosophy of religion

Anthony Kenny, author

Oxford University Press

In this book, renowned philosopher Anthony Kenny focuses on one of the central questions in the philosophy of religion: is the belief in God and faith in the divine word rational? Surveying what has been said on the topic by such major recent thinkers as Wittgenstein and Platinga, Kenny contructs his own account of what he calls "the intellectual virtue of reasonable belief which stands between skepticism and credulity," which he then applies to the Christian doctrine of faith. Kenny also addresses related questions such as the existence and nature of God and the problem of evil in a world created by an omnipotent being. A fascinating exploration of a subject presented in clear, accessible language, What is Faith? is essential reading for anyone who hopes to understand a debate that has now raged for two thousand years.




Forrás: https://www.amazon.com/What-Faith-Essays-Philosophy-Religion/dp/0192830678

2020. június 9. 15:53

Die Apostolische Exarchie in der Tschechischen Republik

Studien zur Geschichte, Gegenwart und Zukunft einer griechisch-katolischen Ostkirche

Jiri Dvoracek, author

Verlag Friedrich Pustet

Die vorliegende Arbeit untersucht die Apostolische Exarchie in der Tschechischen Republik aus historischer, kanonistischer und staatskirchenrechtlicher Sicht. Sie ist in acht Kapiteln auf drei Abschnitte verteilt. Zuerst wird chronologisch und synthetisch die Geschichte der Apostolischen Exarchie vorgestellt, gefolgt von der Geschichte der exarchialen Strukturen als solchen. Im zweiten Teil wird die tschechische Exarchie aus kanonistischer und aus staatskirchenrechtlicher Perspektive analysiert. Im dritten Teil werden zunächst Thesen zur Rechtsnatur der Prager Exarchie aufgestellt, anschließend dann die Perspektiven für die weitere Entwicklung der tschechischen Griechisch-katholischen Kirche skizziert. Dieses Werk leistet einen systematischen Beitrag zur kirchenrechtlichen Stellung der Exarchie als einer Form der ceterae Ecclesiae sui iuris.



Forrás: https://www.verlag-pustet.de/shop/item/9783791731490/die-apostolische-exarchie-in-der-tschechischen-republik-von-jiri-dvoracek-kartoniertes-buch


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