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2018. április 12. 11:48

Basil of Caesarea

Stephen M. Hildebrand, author


This unique volume examines the life and thought of Basil of Caesarea. Stephen M. Hildebrand brings together a lengthy introduction to his life and thought with a selection of extracts from his diverse works in new translations, with each extract accompanied by an introduction and notes. This format allows students to better understand this significant figure in the Early Church by providing an accessible representative selection of his works in one concise volume, making this an invaluable resource for students of Early Christianity.







Forrás: https://www.routledge.com/Basil-of-Caesarea/Hildebrand/p/book/9781138853782

2018. április 12. 08:42

Cardinal Isidore

c. 1390-1462

A late byzantine scholar, warlord, and prelate

Marios Philippides - Walter K. Hanak, authors


A member of the imperial Palaiologan family, albeit most probably illegitimate, Isidore became a scholar at a young age and began his rise in the Byzantine ecclesiastical ranks. He was an active advocate of the union of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches in Constantinople. His military exploits, including his participation in the defence of Constantinople in 1453, provide us with eyewitness accounts. Without doubt he travelled widely, perhaps more so than any other individual in the annals of Byzantine history: Greece, Asia Minor, Sicily, Russia, Poland, Lithuania, and Italy. His roles included diplomat, high ecclesiastic in both the Orthodox and Catholic churches, theologian, soldier, papal emissary to the Constantinopolitan court, delegate to the Council of Florence, advisor to the last Byzantine emperors, metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia, and member of the Vatican curia.



Forrás: https://www.routledge.com/Cardinal-Isidore-c13901462-A-Late-Byzantine-Scholar-Warlord-and/Philippides-Hanak/p/book/9780815379829

2018. április 11. 10:05

The grand design of God

The literary from of the Christian view of history

C.A. Patrides, author


This book, originally published in 1972, offers a stimulating account of the Christian tradition of historiography as it is reflected in works of literature and history. The discussion ranges from the pre-Christian The Iliad up to the 1970s. The author considers subjects such as the Mystery Plays in the medieval synthesis, the nature of the evidence provided by the Renaissance authors in England and the Continent, the contemporary world. The book examines the attitudes of historians and at the use historians have made of the Christian view of history.






Forrás: https://www.routledge.com/The-Grand-Design-of-God-The-Literary-Form-of-the-Christian-View-of-History/Patrides/p/book/9781138188204

2018. április 9. 11:22

Alexandru D. Xenopol and the development of romanian historiography

Paul A. Hiemstra, author


Despite the criticism of his peers and the inattention of his successors, Alexandru Xenopol provided Romanian nationalistic historiography with a greater measure of respectability, especially with the general public. By the time of WWI a strong sense of national identity had become entrenched as an intellectually respectable mentality among Romania’s literate classes. This book examines Xenopol’s participation in the creation of this mentality in Romania during decades that were crucial to the development of institutionalized intellectual life and and educted behaviour in that country.






Forrás: https://www.routledge.com/Alexandru-D-Xenopol-and-the-Development-of-Romanian-Historiography/Hiemstra/p/book/9781138643741

2018. április 4. 11:52


Herders Theologischer Kommentar zum Alten Testament

barbara Schmitz - helmut Engel, authors

Herder Verlag

Im Mittelpunkt des Interesses an der Juditerzählung in Kunst und Literatur steht bis in die jüngste Zeit meist die Tötung des Generals Holofernes in seinem eigenen Zelt durch die schöne Witwe Judit. Demgegenüber entfaltet dieser Kommentar das theologische Profil der fiktionalen Erzählung und erläutert, wie sie auf die Bibel in ihrer griechischen Fassung Bezug nimmt und so die eigene Gegenwart theologisch deutet.







Forrás: https://www.herder.de/religion-theologie-shop/judit-gebundene-ausgabe/c-25/p-1306/

2018. április 4. 11:49


Herders Theologischer Kommentar zum Aletn Testament

Hubert Irsigler, author

Herder Verlag

Das Zefanjabuch mit seinen drei Kapiteln ist ein kleines Kompendium der Prophetie Israels. Das Buch Zefanja enthält Texte, die vom 7. bis zum 4./3. Jh. v. Chr. datieren. Es ist besonders für die Ausbildung der Eschatologie (vgl. den Hymnus "Dies irae, dies illa", aber auch die Heilshoffnung für die Völkerwelt) und einer Theologie der Armen wichtig geworden.








Forrás: https://www.herder.de/religion-theologie-shop/zefanja-gebundene-ausgabe/c-25/p-1148/


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