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2019. október 12. 12:04

Artistic heritage of the serbian people in Kosovo and Metohija

history - identity - vulnerability - protection

Dragan Vojvodic - Miodrag Markovic, editors

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

On Thursday, May 10, at 12 p.m., the SASA Grand Hall will be the venue for the presentation of the collection of papers, Artistic Heritage of the Serbian People in Kosovo and Metohija – History, Identity, Vulnerability, Protection, published by SASA. The speakers at the event will be Academician Vladimir S. Kostić, SASA President, Academician Gojko Subotić, Academician Aleksandar Loma, Corresponding Member Miodrag Markovič, and Prof. Dragan Vojvodić, PhD.

The Collection is a publication accompanying the exhibition, Serbian Artistic Heritage in Kosovo and Metohija. Identity, Significance, Vulnerability, organized in November of 2017 at the SASA Gallery. The studies published in the Collection additionally corroborate, expound and supplement the main messages of the exhibition. The Collection has been published in both Serbian and English.

Forrás: https://www.sanu.ac.rs/en/collection-of-papers-on-the-serbian-artistic-heritage-in-kosovo-and-metohija/ 


2019. július 26. 09:27

Theology brewed in an African Pot


Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, author

Orbis Book

Using a framework of excerpts from Chinua Achebe's acclaimed novel, Things Fall Apart, Orobator introduces the major themes of Christian doctrine: God, Trinity, creation, grace and sin, Jesus Christ, church, Mary, the saints, inculturation, and spirituality. While explaining basic Christian beliefs, Theology Brewed in an African Pot also clarifies the differences between an African view of religion and a more Eurocentric understanding of religion offering a wider perspective on theology and culture.

Each of the eleven short chapters ends with three discussion questions followed by one or two African prayers, providing an accessible and engaging introduction for students and study groups alike.





Forrás: https://www.orbisbooks.com/theology-brewed-in-an-african-pot.html


2019. július 21. 10:54

Bejond Jihad

The Pacifist Tradition in West African Islam

Lamin Sanneh, author

Oxford University Press

Over the course of the last 1400 years, Islam has grown from a small band of followers on the Arabian peninsula into a global religion of over a billion believers. How did this happen? The usual answer is that Islam spread by the sword-believers waged jihad against rival tribes and kingdoms and forced them to convert. Lamin Sanneh argues that this is far from the whole story. Beyond Jihad examines the origin and evolution of the African pacifist tradition in Islam, beginning with an inquiry into the faith's origins and expansion in North Africa and its transmission across trans-Saharan trade routes to West Africa. The book focuses on the ways in which, without jihad, the religion spread and took hold, and what that tells us about the nature of religious and social change.

At the heart of this process were clerics who used religious and legal scholarship to promote Islam. Once this clerical class emerged, it offered continuity and stability in the midst of political changes and cultural shifts, helping to inhibit the spread of radicalism, and subduing the urge to wage jihad. With its policy of religious and inter-ethnic accommodation, this pacifist tradition took Islam beyond traditional trade routes and kingdoms into remote districts of the Mali Empire, instilling a patient, Sufi-inspired, and jihad-negating impulse into religious life and practice. Islam was successful in Africa, Sanneh argues, not because of military might but because it was made African by Africans who adapted it to a variety of contexts.

Forrás: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/beyond-jihad-9780199351619?cc=us&lang=en&#

2019. július 21. 10:52

Perspectives in African Theology

Volume Two

Je'adayibe Dogara Gwamna, author

Africa Christian Textbook

This is a collection of articles addressing significant contemporary Biblical and theological issues in African Christianity. These include; the Church, culture and Gospel in Africa, Pentecostalism and the Challenge of Hermeneutics and Application in Nigeria. The book calls for evangelical theological responses in keeping with the intellectual traditions of early African Christian theology. The book is relevant for students, lecturers, pastors and academic researchers.







Forrás: https://www.dymocks.com.au/book/perspectives-in-african-theology-by-jeadayibe-dogara-gwamna-9789789052110

2019. július 21. 09:26

Two Works on Trebizond

Michael Panaretos Bessarion

Scott Kennedy, editor

Harvard University Press

This volume presents translations from the Greek of two crucial primary sources published together for the first time: On the Emperors of Trebizond and Encomium on Trebizond. In the fourteenth century, Michael Panaretos, the emperor’s personal secretary, penned the only extant history of the ruling dynasty, including key details about foreign relations. The encomium by Bessarion (1403–1472), here in English for the first time, praises the author’s native city and retells Trapezuntine history from antiquity to his own moment. It provides enlightening perspectives on Byzantine identity and illuminating views of this major trading hub along the Silk Road.





Forrás: https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674986626

2019. július 5. 10:24

Teologia Morale


A cura di Paolo Benanti, Francesco Compagnoni, Aristide Fumagalli, Giannino Piana

Edizioni San Paolo

A quasi trent’anni dalla pubblicazione del Dizionario di teologia morale, il Gruppo Editoriale San Paolo ha deciso di realizzare un nuovo testo, completamente rinnovato. Il volume accoglie l’invito di papa Bergoglio al rinnovamento sapiente e coraggioso che è richiesto dalla trasformazione missionaria di una Chiesa in uscita.

UN NUOVO DIZIONARIO che si rifà ai criteri indicati dalla Veritatis gaudium di papa Francesco per la ricerca e lo studio della teologia.

UN’OPERA ENCICLOPEDICA che fornisce adeguate chiarificazioni e precisi orientamenti di fronte alle complesse e inquietanti questioni che assillano la coscienza dell’uomo di questo nostro tempo.


ARRICCHISCONO IL DIZIONARIO una proposta di lettura sistematica e una mappa concettuale, una bibliografia essenziale e un dettagliato indice analitico. L'opera è a cura di Paolo Benanti, Francesco Compagnoni, Aristide Fumagalli, Giannino Piana.

Forrás: http://www.edizionisanpaolo.it/religione_1/dizionari-e-grandi-opere/i-dizionari/libro/teologia-morale.aspx



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