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2018. március 21. 15:56

Teologia Moral

II.: Moral de la persona y de la familia

Aurelio Fernandez, author

Facultad de Teologia de Burgos












Forrás: http://www.buenaprensa.com/teologia-moral-ii-moral-de-la-persona-y-de-la-familia

2018. március 21. 15:54

Teologia Moral

I. : Moarl Fundamental

Aurelio Fernandez, author

Facultad de Teologia de Burgos












Forrás: https://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=22010771857

2018. március 21. 08:22

History of Theology

I. The Patristic Period

Angelo di Berardino - Basil Studer, editors

The Liturgical Press

In this, the first of a multiple-volume series, Father Studer offers a detailed study of how theology "was done" in the socio-cultural scene of the Christian community in the Constantinian and Theodosian eras (known as the age of "the Church of the Empire" or the "Imperial Church"). It defines the conditions in which pastors sought to help the faithful understand their religion and develops the thought through which the writers of the post-Nicene Church set out to actualize the Word of God as found in the sacred writings.

Rather than narrowly focusing on major figures and their works, this historical investigation defines the context in which patristic theological inquiries were formed, since what is termed "theology" today only gradually took shape in the early centuries of Christian living. Terminology, literary genres, the Bible, philosophy, heresy, art and architecture, theological currents, and sociopolitical circumstances in addition to people and events are some of the categories this volume explores to integrate in a holistic manner the developing theological methods of the Church.

Translated from Italian, this scholarly work is carefully organized and annotated. Text and chronological tables are included along with a list of abbreviations and a topical index.

Forrás: https://litpress.org/Products/5915/History-of-Theology-Volume-I

2018. március 20. 08:52

Council of Florence

The unrealized union

Sergey F. Dezhnyuk, author

CreateSpace Publishing

In 1439, by the Decree of the Council of Florence, the Union between "Latin" Roman Catholic West and "Greek" Orthodox East was officially proclaimed. Yet, this Union did not last. Although it was the beginning of what we call today the Eastern Rite Catholic Churches -- which claim more faithful than most Protestant ecclesiastical bodies -- the majority of the Eastern Orthodox Christians rejected the Union.

Sergey Dezhnyuk proposes that this rejection reflected the fact that at the Council of Florence the genuine meeting of the Christian East and West did not occur. There was an appearance of the dialogue. Nevertheless, due to the truly abysmal philological and theological gaps between two camps, neither of them truly understood the position of the counterpart.

Even when "Latins" and "Greeks" where speaking in the same language, the meaning of the terms they utilized was often incompatible. With the addition of political pressure and realities of the imminent threat of the conquest of Constantinople by the Osman forces, there was no chance for the Christian East and West to present their perspective views, have constructive dialogue, and come to some workable compromise.

Although such theme is present in some works on the Council of Florence, the majority of academic research tends to blame the failure of the Union of Florence to one or another side of the great divide. This book points that the Union was achieved only "on the paper." It also examines the variety of the underlying reasons behind such outcome.

Forrás: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/council-of-florence-sergey-f-dezhnyuk/1125933364

2018. március 20. 08:51

The Rusyns

Alexander Bonkáló, author

Columbia University Press

This is the best general introduction to the history and culture of the Carpatho-Rusyns or Ruthenians, a minority living today within the U.S.S.R and Czechoslovakia. A native Ruthenian and renowed scholar in the field, Bonkalo provides information on the group's origins, historiography, ethnography, culture, literature, folklore, religion and economy.









Forrás: https://www.abebooks.com/9780880331906/Rusyns-Alexander-Bonk%C3%A1l%C3%B3-0880331909/plp

2018. március 19. 14:07

Storia della Teologia

IV. Etá moderna

Direzione di Giuseppe Angeli - Giuseppe Colombo - Marco Vergottini

Piemme Edizioni

"Sono tre le grandi correnti che, con l'aiuto delle storiografie disponibili, riusciamo a distingure in età moderna: la teologia controversistica, la teologia barocca, la teologia neotomista. La meglio caratterizzata è la 'teologia neotomista', impegnata ad appropriarsi della filosofia tomista come supporto della teologia nel vivacissimo pullulare delle filosofie moderne. Benché sia nata tardi - all'inizio del secolo XIX - alla fine è prevalsa, facendosi accogliere dal magistero della Chiesa. Meno carattterizzata è la 'teologia controversistica', nella quale rientra anche l'insegnamento del Concilio di Trento. A differenza della teologia neotomista, caratterizza la teologia cattolica non per i contenuti, ma per l'aspetto propriamente formale, della contrapposizione alle tesi avverse. Differente ancora è la 'teologia barocca'. Se la controversistica qualifica una proprietà convenzionalmente esclusiva della teologia, benché puramente formale, non così il barocco, che qualifica per sé un periodo."


Forrás: http://www.mondadoristore.it/Storia-teologia-4Eta-moderna-na/eai978883846426/


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