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Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711

Géza Pálffy author

Indiana University Press

The Hungarian defeat to the Ottoman army at the pivotal Battle of Mohács in 1526 led to the division of the Kingdom of Hungary into three parts, altering both the shape and the ethnic composition of Central Europe for centuries to come. Hungary thus became a battleground between the Ottoman and Habsburg empires.

In this sweeping historical survey, Géza Pálffy takes readers through a crucial period of upheaval and revolution in Hungary, which had been the site of a flowering of economic, cultural, and intellectual progress―but battles with the Ottomans lead to over a century of war and devastation. Pálffy explores Hungary's role as both a borderland and a theater of war through the turn of the 18th century. In this way, Hungary became a crucially important field on which key debates over religion, government, law, and monarchy played out.

Reflecting 25 years of archival research and presented here in English for the first time, Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711 offers a fresh and thorough exploration of this key moment in Hungarian history and, in turn, the creation of a modern Europe.

2021. május 31. 09:30

Theologische Anthropologie: Erster,Zweiter Teilband 

Thomas Pröpper  author

Herder Herausgeber

Thomas Pröpper hat die deutschsprachige Fundamentaltheologie der letzten 25 Jahre entscheidend geprägt. In seiner hier vorgelegten systematisch-theologischen Summe gibt er Antworten auf die grundlegende philosophische und theologische Frage: Was ist der Mensch? Wie ist Subjektivität und menschliche Freiheit zu verstehen? Was meint die Gottebenbildlichkeit des Menschen? In welchem Verhältnis stehen Sünde und Schuld des Menschen und Gnade und Heilshandeln Gottes? Pröppers konsequentes Zusammendenken von menschlicher Freiheit und göttlichem Heilshandeln, philosophisch verankert und humanwissenschaftlich verantwortet, führt zu einer Sicht auf den Menschen, die in dieser Form in der deutschsprachigen Theologie ihresgleichen sucht.

2021. május 28. 15:08


A History

Andrea U. De Giorgi, A. Asa Eger authors


This is a complete history of Antioch, one of the most significant major cities of the eastern Mediterranean and a crossroads for the Silk Road, from its foundation by the Seleucids, through Roman rule, the rise of Christianity, Islamic and Byzantine conquests, to the Crusades and beyond.

Antioch has typically been treated as a city whose classical glory faded permanently amid a series of natural disasters and foreign invasions in the sixth and seventh centuries CE. Such studies have obstructed the view of Antioch’s fascinating urban transformations from classical to medieval to modern city and the processes behind these transformations. Through its comprehensive blend of textual sources and new archaeological data reanalyzed from Princeton’s 1930s excavations and recent discoveries, this book offers unprecedented insights into the complete history of Antioch, recreating the lives of the people who lived in it and focusing on the factors that affected them during the evolution of its remarkable cityscape. While Antioch’s built environment is central, the book also utilizes landscape archaeological work to consider the city in relation to its hinterland, and numismatic evidence to explore its economics. The outmoded portrait of Antioch as a sadly perished classical city par excellence gives way to one in which it shines as brightly in its medieval Islamic, Byzantine, and Crusader incarnations.

Antioch: A History offers a new portal to researching this long-lasting city and is also suitable for a wide variety of teaching needs, both undergraduate and graduate, in the fields of classics, history, urban studies, archaeology, Silk Road studies, and Near Eastern/Middle Eastern studies. Just as importantly, its clarity makes it attractive for, and accessible to, a general readership outside the framework of formal instruction.


2021. május 26. 16:12


Miskolc legtöbbet szenvedett egyházközsége

Papp András szerkesztő és nyomdai előkészítő

A kötet a Miskolc-Diógyőri Egyházközség, az egyetlen munkástelepen szervezett görögkatolikus egyházközség történetét írja le.


2021. május 19. 16:35

Byzantine Religious Law in Medieval Italy

James Morton authore

Oxford University Press

Byzantine Religious Law in Medieval Italy is a historical study of these manuscripts, exploring how and why the Greek Christians of medieval southern Italy persisted in using them so long after the end of Byzantine rule. The first part of the book provides an overview of the source material and the history of Italo-Greek Christianity. The second part examines the development of Italo-Greek canon law manuscripts from the last century of Byzantine rule to the late twelfth century, arguing that the Normans' opposition to papal authority created a laissez faire atmosphere in which Greek Christians could continue to follow Byzantine religious law unchallenged. Finally, the third part analyses the papacy's successful efforts to assert its jurisdiction over southern Italy in the later Middle Ages. While this brought about the end of Byzantine canon law as an effective legal system in the region, the Italo-Greeks still drew on their legal heritage to explain and justify their distinctive religious rites to their Latin neighbours.



2021. május 18. 16:29

I cristiani e l'impero romano

Marta Sordi autore

Jaca Book Editoriale

Nei tre secoli circa che vanno dall'ingresso del cristianesimo nell'impero alla conversione di Costantino, il rapporto tra la nuova religione e il potere politico appare articolato e complesso: i cristiani furono spesso avvertiti come pericolo e fonte di instabilità per la pax romana, rappresentando una minaccia alla legittimità del potere costituito. Ciononostante, diverse furono le occasioni di confronto e di scontro tra le due culture – pagano-imperiale e cristiana – dando vita a relazioni multiformi che, anziché di rigida opposizione, furono portatrici di ostilità e pacificazioni, intessute tanto di persecuzioni quanto di incontri costruttivi e possibilità di convivenza. Marta Sordi presenta la capacità del primo cristianesimo di confrontarsi con le altre religioni e culture dell'impero, e di esprimersi ugualmente tanto nei periodi di pace quanto in quelli di ostilità, dando vita a un'esauriente sintesi storica che ben ricostruisce la complessità di un'epoca in cui i cristiani non conobbero unicamente martirio e vita clandestina, né tranquilla pace turbata solo qua e là da marginali episodi di persecuzione.


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