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2018. február 12. 09:25

Konzilsdarstellungen - Konzilsvorstellungen

Hermann-Josef Sieben, author

Echter Verlag

Konzilien gehören von Anfang an zur Wirklichkeit der Kirche; bereits im Neuen Testament wird von einem Apostelkonzil berichtet (Apg 15.). Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte haben sich mit dem Konzilien sehr unterschiedliche Vorstellungen verbunden. In diesem Buch wird der Wandel dieser Vorstellungen anhand von Konzilsdastellungen in Handschriften und Druckwerken dokumentiert und erläutert.









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2018. február 7. 09:40

Forme e caratteri della presenza bizantina nel Mediterraneo occidentale: la Sardegna

secoli VI-XI

a cura di Paola Corrias

Edizioni Condaghes

Questo volume contiene gli atti del convegno Forme e caratteri della presenza bizantina nel Mediterraneo occidentale: la Sardegna (secoli VI-XI), svoltosi a Oristano il 22-23 marzo 2003 presso il Teatro civico "Antonio Garau". I contributi qui presenti sono, nell´ordine:


Salvatore Cosentino - Indagine sul cosiddetto reliquiario di san Basilio conservato nella chiesa di San Francesco in Oristano...






Forrás: http://www.condaghes.it/scheda.asp?id=978-88-7356-179-8&ver=it

2018. február 7. 08:32

Muslim Expansion and Byzantine Collapse in North Africa

Walter E. Kaegi, author

Cambridge University Press

Who 'lost' Christian North Africa? Who won it and how? Walter Kaegi examines these perennial questions, with maps and on-site observations, in this exciting book. Persisting clouds of suspicion and blame overshadowed many Byzantine attempts to defend North Africa, as Byzantines failed to meet the multiple challenges from different directions which ultimately overwhelmed them. While the Muslims forcefully and permanently turned Byzantine internal dynastic and religious problems and military unrest to their advantage, they brought their own strengths to a dynamic process that would take a long time to complete - the transformation of North Africa. An impartial comparative framework helps to sort through identity politics, 'Orientalism' charges and counter-charges, and institutional controversies; this book also includes a study of the decisive battle of Sbeitla in 647, helping readers to understand what befell Byzantium, and indeed empires from Rome to the present.



Forrás: http://www.cambridge.org/hu/academic/subjects/history/european-history-450-1000/muslim-expansion-and-byzantine-collapse-north-africa?format=PB#FMZ4rlrOUSJPTB4l.97

2018. február 6. 15:39

Crusader Art

The Art of the Crusader in the Holy Land


Jaroslav Folda, author

Lund Humphries

The Crusades, which began as expeditions called by the Pope to regain the Holy Land and liberate the oppressed Christians living there, were one of the most important and recognizable features of the European Middle Ages. One of the least-known aspects of the Crusades is the art that was commissioned by the Crusaders in the Holy Land from the time they took Jerusalem in July 1099 to the time they were pushed into the sea by the Mamluks in 1291. This book tells the fascinating story of Crusader art, focusing for the first time on Crusader painting (manuscript illumination, frescoes, mosaics and icon painting) as providing the most significant continuous surviving evidence for the genre's development. Essential reading for scholars, students and enthusiasts alike.

Forrás: https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/crusader-art-the-art-of-the-crusaders-in-the-holy-land-1099---1291_jaroslav-floda/14189703/#isbn=0853319952

2018. február 6. 15:17

Byzantine Art and Italian Panel Painting

The Virgin and Child Hodegetria and the Art of Chrysography

Jaroslav Floda, author

Cambridge University Press

The Virgin and Child Hodegetria was a widely venerated Byzantine image depicting the Virgin holding and pointing to her son as the way to salvation. In this book, Jaroslav Folda traces the appropriation of this image by thirteenth-century Crusader and central Italian painters, where the Virgin Mary is transformed from the human mother of god, the Theotokos, of Byzantine icons, to the resplendent Madonna radiant in her heavenly home with Christ and the angels. This transformation, Folda demonstrates, was brought about by using chrysography, or golden highlighting, which came to be used on both the Virgin and Child. This book shows the important role played by Crusader painters in bringing about this shift and in disseminating the new imagery to Central Italy. By focusing on the Virgin and Child Hodegetria, Folda reveals complex artistic interchanges and influences extending across the Mediterranean from Byzantium and the Holy Land to Italy.



Forrás: http://www.cambridge.org/hu/academic/subjects/classical-studies/classical-art-and-architecture/byzantine-art-and-italian-panel-painting-virgin-and-child-ihodegetriai-and-art-chrysography?format=HB#6truuBv68KcwYrxm.97

2018. február 6. 15:11

Michael Psellos

Rhetoric and Authorship in Byzantium

Stratis Papaioannou, auhtor

Cambridge University Press

This book explores Michael Psellos' place in the history of Greek rhetoric and self-representation and his impact on the development of Byzantine literature. Avoiding the modern dilemma that vacillates between Psellos the pompous rhetorician and Psellos the ingenious thinker, Professor Papaioannou unravels the often misunderstood Byzantine rhetoric, its rich discursive tradition and the social fabric of elite Constantinopolitan culture which rhetoric addressed. The book offers close readings of Psellos' personal letters, speeches, lectures and historiographical narratives, and analysis of other early Byzantine and classical models of authorship in Byzantine book culture, such as Gregory of Nazianzos, Synesios of Cyrene, Hermogenes and Plato. It also details Psellos' innovative attention to authorial creativity, performative mimesis and the aesthetics of the self. Simultaneously, it traces within Byzantium complex expressions of emotion and gender, notions of authorship and subjectivity, and theories of fictionality and literature, challenging the common fallacy that these are modern inventions.


Forrás: http://www.cambridge.org/hu/academic/subjects/history/european-history-1000-1450/michael-psellos-rhetoric-and-authorship-byzantium?format=PB#wl34GJGdkLo3LYmE.97


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