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Storia della Teologia 

I. Epoca patristica

direzione di Angelo di Berardino - Basil Studer

Piemme Edizione

"Certamente non si può editare con ingenua semplicità una storia della teologia o presentarla al pubblico come se questa impresa editoriale sia un frutto spontaneo, maturo, che senza sforzo e senza problemi quasi si offre da sé.

Il vocabolo "teologia", salvo migliore giudizio, non ha avuto nei secoli un'accezione univoca e definita una volta per sempre.

Non è impresa irrilevante tentare proprio attraverso una storia rigorosa di riconoscere che cosa, di periodo in periodo, si intendeva per "teologia".

I generi letterari, i tipi di opere, che nella successione dei secoli possono essere qualificati opere o libri di teologia, sono diversissimi tra loro, e ci interpellano proprio perché rispetto ai cammini nella fede e agli itinerari culturali debbono essere riconosciuti per quel che sono e per il peso che hanno sul nostro vivere anche oggi.

L'intenzione è quella di colmare un vuoto e di farlo con l'acribia e l'umiltà di ogni opera di storia, che deve restare aperta a integrazioni, a completamenti, ed arricchimenti, a riletture prospettiche grazie a sempre nuovi ulteriori studi, la cui urgenza ed opportunità, potremmo dire necessità, si rileva dalle richieste e osservazioni degli stessi illustri autori che hanno dato il loro contributo per questa opera".

(Luciano Pacomio)

Forrás: http://www.mondadoristore.it/Storia-teologia-1Epoca-na/eai978883841862/

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The Oxford Handbok of Sacremental Theology

Hans Boersma - Matthew Levering, editors

Oxford University Press

As a multi-faceted introduction to sacramental theology, the purposes of this Handbook are threefold: historical, ecumenical, and missional. The forty-four chapters are organized into the following parts five parts: Sacramental Roots in Scripture, Patristic Sacramental Theology, Medieval Sacramental Theology, From the Reformation through Today, and Philosophical and Theological Issues in Sacramental Doctrine.

Contributors to this Handbook explain the diverse ways that believers have construed the sacraments, both in inspired Scripture and in the history of the Church's practice. In Scripture and the early Church, Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics all find evidence that the first Christian communities celebrated and taught about the sacraments in a manner that Orthodox, Protestants, and Catholics today affirm as the foundation of their own faith and practice. Thus, for those who want to understand what has been taught about the sacraments in Scripture and across the generations by the major thinkers of the various Christian traditions, this Handbook provides an introduction. As the divisions in Christian sacramental understanding and practice are certainly evident in this Handbook, it is not thereby without ecumenical and missional value. This book evidences that the story of the Christian sacraments is, despite divisions in interpretation and practice, one of tremendous hope.

Forrás: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-oxford-handbook-of-sacramental-theology-9780198816614?q=Sacramental%20theology&lang=en&cc=hu#

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Storia della Teologia 

II. Etá medievale

Giulio D'Onofrio, author

Piemme Edizioni

Il presente volume è caratterizzato da una veste divulgativa, finalizzata a far conoscere la storia del pensiero teologico medievale anche al di fuori del ristretto ambito degli addetti ai lavori e dei frequentatori delle biblioteche specializzate. Il testo è stato concepito come una nuova lettura espositiva e originale della storia teologica del Medioevo, fondata, nella misura del possibile, su una diretta considerazione delle fonti. L'aspetto divulgativo si deve all'assenza di note erudite, informazioni bibliografiche e tavole cronologiche, nell'intento di proporre una lettura continua e organica della materia.






Forrás: https://www.libreriauniversitaria.it/storia-teologia-onofrio-giulio-piemme/libro/9788838464935

2018. március 19. 09:47

History of Theology

The Middle Ages

Giulio D'Onofrio, auhtor

Liturgical Press

At last, a thorough, balanced, and readable history of medieval theology for nonspecialist readers! This is that book we so often ask for and so seldom get: written by a scholar for everyone to read. Giulio D’Onofrio, a historian of philosophy and theology, uses his deep and broad-ranging knowledge of the thought of the scholars (Christian, Jewish, and Muslim) of the Middle Ages to describe in a thoroughly readable style the development of ideas from the beginnings of what can rightly be called Western culture to the Renaissance and the eve of the Reformation. No longer can medieval theology be regarded as merely Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure with appendages fore and aft. This book is a page-turner, as readers are continually invited to join scholars and mystics of another age in the perennial pursuit of faith seeking understanding.




Forrás: https://litpress.org/Products/5916/History-of-Theology-Volume-II

2018. március 19. 09:45


Katolische Konzilsidee im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert

Hermann Josef Sieben, author

Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag

The well-known church historian and specialist in councils, H. J. Sieben, has already published major monographs for the series Konziliengeschichte illustrating how councils were understood in the Early Church (1979), in the Latin Middle Ages from A.D. 847 to 1378 (1984), and from the Reformation up to the Enlightenment (1988). In this final volume he tackles the daunting task of describing theological judgments about the nature of councils before, during, and after the First and Second Vatican Councils. The study is a mine of information, replete with numerous astute insights and usual factual data. The book is organized into thirteen chapters. The first of the opening five chapters treats the startlingly modern views of the Italian ex-Jesuit Giovan Vincenzo Bolgeni (1733-1811), whose teachings about the nature of councils anticipated by more than a century emphases on episcopal collegiality that emerged in the writings of Vatican Council II. Chapter two establishes how a gradual shift in the way theologians and historians in the first half of the nineteenth century contextualized Constance's decree of 1415, Haec sancta, prepared the way for Vatican Council I. Chapters three and four contrast the opposing theological assessments of councils first by Henri Maret (1805-1884), the Liberal dean of the Sorbonne theology faculty, in sharp contradistinction to his Ultramontane counterpart, Johann Baptist Heinrich (1816-1891), professor of dogmatic theology at Mainz. The fifth chapter cites numerous articles and editorials from the Jesuit review Civilta Cattolica,, which during the papacy of Pius IX served as a semi-official mouthpiece for the pope's personal theology of councils. Chapter six shows how various new accents shifted the traditional idea of a council's significance that gradually emerged after the papal convocation of Vatican Council I in 1868. After some 00 years without a council, theologians now began to consider a council as holding significance not only for the Church but also, in God's providence, for society at large. A council was now considered to bear witness in the presence of, in opposition to, and for the sake of the world (vor, gegen und fur die Welt). Chapter seven focuses specifically on the years between 1870 and 1908 to show how the dogmatic assessment of the nature of a council actually shifted as historical-critical studies clarified who had de facto convoked councils. 

Forrás: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308977671_Katholische_Konzilsidee_im_19_und_20_Jahrhundert_by_Hermann_Josef_Sieben

2018. március 12. 09:39

Byzantine Philanthropy and Social Welfare

Rutgers Byzantine Series

Demetrios J. Constantelos, author

Rutgers University Press

The aim of this book is to investigate philanthropia as a philosophy and as a way of life among the Byzantines, and to determine if the claims of the five Byzantine sources quoted above are substantiated by concrete examples from Byzantine daily life. Their claims are supported by certain modern authors. The present work, therefore, is hermeneutic and a synthesis.








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