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The Great Persecution: A Historical Re-Examination

M. S. Shin,author


A new exploration of the Great Persecution

The Great Persecution under Diocletian and his imperial colleagues and successors is a foremost concern of modern scholarship on Roman persecution of Christians.

This book is a systematic and comprehensive study of that persecution. Its focus is on events from 284 when Diocletian became emperor, to 313, when full religious liberty was granted to all religions by the so-called Edict of Milan.

At least nine imperial orders were issued in 303 to 312 against Christianity. While Diocletian’s orders were more concerned with the privileged upper classes of Christians, Maximinus Daia’s orders were aimed at isolating all Christians from the Roman community.

The enforcement of the imperial orders, and the sufferings of Christians under them, are examined on a diocese-by-diocese basis, comparing the situation in the West and in the East.

In the late fourth century, Prudentius of Calahorra, poet and imperial official, complained about the loss of records on local martyrs, exclaiming, ‘Alas for what is forgotten and lost to knowledge in the silence of the olden time! We are denied the facts about these matters, the very tradition is destroyed.’

This book draws together the remains of what Prudentius feared was forgotten for ever.


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Introduction to Byzantium 602-1453 

Jonathan Harris,editor



Introduction to Byzantium, 602–1453 provides students with an accessible guide to medieval Byzantium.

Beginning with the near collapse of Byzantium in the seventh century, the book traces its survival and development through to its absorption by the Ottoman empire. As well as having an overall political narrative, the chapters cover a wide range of topics including society and economy, art and architecture, literature and education, military tactics and diplomacy, gender and education. They also explore themes that remain prominent and highly debated today, including relations between Islam and the West, the impact of the Crusades, the development of Russia, and the emergence of Orthodox Christianity. Comprehensively written, each chapter provides an overview of the particular period or topic, a summary of the ongoing historiographical debates, primary source material textboxes, further reading recommendations and a ‘points to remember’ section.


Introduction to Byzantium, 602–453 provides students with a thorough introduction to the history of Byzantium and equips them with the tools to write successful analytical essays. It is essential reading for any student of the history of the Byzantine empire.


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Byzantium and the crusades

author: Jonathan Harris


This new edition of Byzantium and the Crusades provides a fully-revised and updated version of Jonathan Harris's landmark text in the field of Byzantine and crusader history.

The book offers a chronological exploration of Byzantium and the outlook of its rulers during the time of the Crusades. It argues that one of the main keys to Byzantine interaction with Western Europe, the Crusades and the crusader states can be found in the nature of the Byzantine Empire and the ideology which underpinned it, rather than in any generalised hostility between the peoples.

Taking recent scholarship into account, this new edition includes an updated notes section and bibliography, as well as significant additions to the text:

- New material on the role of religious differences after 1100

- A detailed discussion of economic, social and religious changes that took place in 12th-century Byzantine relations with the west

- In-depth coverage of Byzantium and the Crusades during the 13th century

- New maps, illustrations, genealogical tables and a timeline of key dates

Byzantium and the Crusades is an important contribution to the historiography by a major scholar in the field that should be read by anyone interested in Byzantine and crusader history.

Forrás: https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/byzantium-and-the-crusades-9781780938318/





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Források a magyar görögkatolikusok történetéhez 4. kötet 1917-1925

Collectanea Athanasiana sorozat II. Textus/Fontes alsorozatának 4/4. kötete 

Véghseő Tamás szerk. 

Szent Atanáz Görögkatolikus Hittudományi Főiskola


Jelen kiadvány a többkötetes forrásgyűjtemény negyedik kötete, amely a magyar görögkatolikusság 1927 és 1925  közötti szakaszát öleli fel.


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A Companion to Byzantine Epistolography

Alexander Riehle, editors


A Companion to Byzantine Epistolography introduces and contextualizes the culture of Byzantine letter-writing from various socio-historical, material and literary angles. While this culture was long regarded as an ivory-tower pastime of intellectual elites, the eighteen essays in this volume, authored by leading experts in the field, show that epistolography had a vital presence in many areas of Byzantine society, literature and art. The chapters offer discussions of different types of letters and intersections with non-epistolary genres, their social functions as media of communication and performance, their representations in visual and narrative genres, and their uses in modern scholarship. The volume thus contributes to a more nuanced understanding of letter-writing in the Byzantine Empire and beyond.





Forrás: https://brill.com/view/title/22982


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The Mystery of the Church


Boris Bobrinskoy, author

St. Vladimir’s Press

In this sweeping course on Orthodox dogmatic theology, the author traces the Church’s history from her Old Testament roots to the present. In his enduring devotion to the Orthodox understanding of the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit as "the two hands of the Father," author Fr Boris Bobrinskoy brings his considerable knowledge and experience to bear in witnessing to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as the instrument of God's saving grace for all mankind. This work has an uncommon balance of exacting scholarship, spiritual depth, and accessibility from which readers at every level are bound to reap great benefit.







Forrás: https://svspress.com/the-mystery-of-the-church/



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