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2018. január 25. 13:27

La presunzione di vaiditá dell'atto giuridico nel diritto canonico

Antonio S. Sánchez-Gil, author

Giuffré Editore

L'opera prende in esame la presunzione di validità dell'atto giuridico, stabilita dalla legge canonica nel can. 124 § 2 del Codice di diritto canonico del 1983 e nel can. 931 § 2 del Codice dei canoni delle chiese orientali del 1990. Il primo capitolo è dedicato all'origine romana e germanica delle presunzioni che, come è il caso della presunzione di validità, hanno per oggetto una qualifica giuridica. Sono, inoltre, esaminate la natura, le dimensioni processale e sostanziale, gli elementi strutturali e gli effetti delle presunzioni stabilite dalla legge o formulate dal giudice. Il secondo capitolo esamina, nella dottrina morale e giuridica, la regola "standum est pro valore actus nisi contrarium probetur" e le varie regole e presunzioni pro valore actorum in vigore nel periodo della prima codificazione, antecedenti della nuova presunzione generale di validità, introdotta nel Codice del 1983 in occasione della riformulazione nel can. 124 § 1 della disposizione contenuta nel can. 1680 § 1 del Codice del 1917. Nel terzo capitolo, dedicato all'analisi della nuova presunzione iuris, vengono rilevate la caratteristiche strutturali e la rilevanza giuridica, con un'attenzione particolare al significato dei termini adoperati per descrivere il fondamento di fatto della presunzione: l'atto giuridico posto nel debito modo riguardo ai suoi elementi esterni.

Forrás: https://shop.giuffre.it/catalog/product/view/id/37668/category/48/

2018. január 25. 11:41

Justinianics Mosaics of Hagia Sophia and Their Aftermath

Natalia B. Teteriatnikov, author

Dumbarton Oaks Press

The architectural jewel of Constantinople is the church of Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom), constructed 532–537 CE. Although the edifice built by Justinian remains almost intact, only some of its original mosaics survive. In this comprehensive study, Natalia Teteriatnikov describes the original mosaic program of the church and its restorations after the earthquake of 558.



Drawing from decades of her personal research and scholarship on Hagia Sophia, the author analyzes the material and decorative components of the Justinianic mosaics that survive. She considers the architectural and theological aesthetics, as well as the social conditions that led to the production of a distinctive, aniconic mosaic program. Lavishly illustrated, the book includes a catalog of the nineteenth-century watercolors created by Gaspare Fossati—the only surviving evidence for reconstructing mosaics that are no longer extant.



Forrás: https://www.doaks.org/research/publications/books/justinianic-mosaics-of-hagia-sophia-and-their-aftermath

2018. január 25. 10:16

St. Symeon of Thessalonika

The Liturgical Commentaries

Steven Hawkes-Teeples, editor and translator

Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies

This edition is based on MS Zagora 23, which contains extensive corrections and additions apparently added to the text by the author himself. The book opens with a historical and theological foreword on liturgical commentaries and  mystagogy by Archimandrite Robert Taft. The introduction surveys the life and career of St. Symeon, analyzes the structure and theology of the commentaries, and concludes with an account of technical and editorial questions. The index includes references to names, places, and topics in Symeon’s text and in the introduction and traces key terms in the commentaries in both Greek and English.






Forrás: http://www.pims.ca/publications/new-and-recent-titles/publication/symeon-of-thessalonika-the-liturgical-commentaries

2018. január 25. 10:14

Maximus the Confessor

George C. Berthold, translator

Paulist Press

This volume includes a translation of four spiritual treatises of Maximus the Confessor (c. 580-662), plus an account of his trial. Included are The Four Hundred Chapters of Love, Commentary on the Lord's Prayer, Chapters on Knowledge, The Church's Mystagogy, and Trial of Maximus.









Forrás: http://www.paulistpress.com/Products/2659-1/maximus-the-confessor.aspx

2018. január 23. 15:57

Hagia Sophia

Sound, Space and Spirit in Byzantium

Bissera V. Pentcheva author

The Pennsylvania State University Press

Experiencing the resonant acoustics of the church of Hagia Sophia allowed the Byzantine participants in its liturgical rituals to be filled with the Spirit of God, and even to become his image on earth. Bissera Pentcheva’s vibrant analysis examines how these sung rites combined with the church’s architectural space to make Hagia Sophia a performative place of worship representative of Byzantine religious culture in all its sensory richness.

Coupling digital acoustic models and video with a close examination of liturgical texts and melodic structures, Pentcheva applies art-historical, philosophical, archeoacoustical, and anthropological methodologies to provide insight into the complementary ways liturgy and location worked to animate worshippers in Byzantium. Rather than focus on the architectural form of the building, the technology of its construction, or the political ideology of its decoration, Pentcheva delves into the performativity of Hagia Sophia and explains how the “icons of sound” created by the sung liturgy and architectural reverberation formed an aural experience that led to mystical transcendence for worshippers, opening access to the imagined celestial sound of the angelic choirs.

 Immersive, deeply researched, and beautifully illustrated, this exploration of Hagia Sophia sheds new light on sacred space, iconicity, and religious devotion in Byzantium. Scholars of art and architectural history, religious studies, music and acoustics, and the medieval period will especially appreciate Pentcheva’s field-advancing work.

Forrás: http://www.psupress.org/books/titles/978-0-271-07725-3.html

2018. január 23. 10:00

Monasticism in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Republics

Ines Angeli Murzaku, editor


This book looks at Eastern and Western monasticism’s continuous and intensive interactions with society in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Former Soviet Republics. It discusses the role monastics played in fostering national identities, as well as the potentiality of monasteries and religious orders to be vehicles of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue within and beyond national boundaries. Using a country-specific analysis, the book highlights the monastic tradition and monastic establishments. It addresses gaps in the academic study of religion in Eastern European and Russian historiography and looks at the role of monasticism as a cultural and national identity forming determinant in the region.






Forrás: https://www.routledge.com/Monasticism-in-Eastern-Europe-and-the-Former-Soviet-Republics/Murzaku/p/book/9780415819596


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