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2020. augusztus 2. 08:50

Corpus Christianorum

Corpus Christianorum Conciliorum Oecumenicorum Generaliumque Decreta (CCCOGD 4.1-2)

Giuseppe Alberigo + - Alberto Melloni, editors

Brepols Publishers

The two tomes of this volume comprise the critical edition – sometimes the very first critical edition – of the Councils of the Eastern Orthodox Churches, namely those sharing the profession of faith defined in the first seven Ecumenical Councils (COGD 1). Among them one may find the Protodeutera (861), the Council of Constantinople of 879, the Tomos Unionis (920), the Local Synods of Constantinople against the Syro-Jacobites (1030) and against John Italos (1082), the Councils on ‘My Father is greater than me’ (1166), on the Filioque (1285) and on Palamas (1341-1351), the Synod of 1484, annulling the so-called union of Florence (ed. COGD 2), the Synods about Lucaris, the Panorthodox Synods of Jerusalem (1672) and Constantinople (1872), the Local Synods of Constantinople (1691 and 1755), and additional materials, like the Patriarchal decision of annulment of the Excommunications between Rome and Constantinople (paralleled in COGD 3).

















Forrás: http://www.brepols.net/Pages/ShowProduct.aspx?prod_id=IS-9782503525297-1

2020. augusztus 2. 08:43

L'Église orthodoxe en Europe orientale au XXe siècle

Christine Chaillot, author

Cerf Press

On sait que la plupart des pays d'Europe orientale sont majoritairement de tradition chrétienne orthodoxe. Mais a-t-on toujours une connaissance historique du passé et même du présent de ces Églises orthodoxes ? C'est le but de ce livre : introduire à cette histoire, écrite pour un grand public, chrétien ou non chrétien. À la suite de la révolution de 1917 en Russie, le communisme se répandit dans la majorité des pays de l'Europe orientale. En 1953, à la mort de Staline, la division entre Europe de l'Est et de l'Ouest était totale. À partir de la " perestroïka ", dès la fin des années 1980, les changements politiques ont permis que l'Église orthodoxe se développe à nouveau en Europe orientale.






Forrás: https://livre.fnac.com/a8367165/Christine-Chaillot-L-Eglise-orthodoxe-en-Europe-orientale-au-XXe-siecle

2020. július 28. 13:44

Mystectvo serednich vikiv

Hanna Skrypnyk (holov. red.), author

Instytut mystectvoznavstva, fol’klorystyky ta etnolohiji im. M. T. Ryl’s’koho

The genus and styles of the peculiarities of the Ukrainian art, yokho and specificity of the terenach architecture, monumental sculpture, mosaics, frescoes, icon painting, and handwriting fixing are highlighted.









Forrás: http://www.eebooks.de/Mystectvo-serednich-vikiv-/-Mistitstvo-siridniha-vikiv

2020. július 28. 13:39

Pecerskij cvetnik

Sobor Kievo-Pecerskich svatych: agiograficeskaja enciklopedija


Vladislav Djatlov, author

Svjataja Uspenskaja Kievo-Pecerskaja Lavra

The collection combines information or kazdom from the Kiev-Pechersk saints from agio-, hymn-, icon-, cartographic sources. Worked on an 800-page edition of Glow in the 1989 honor and lasted 30 years.









Forrás: http://www.eebooks.de/Pecerskij-cvetnik-Sobor-Kievo-Pecerskich-svjatych-agiograficeskaja-enciklopedija


2020. július 28. 10:02

Praying and Contemplating in Late Antiquity

Eleni Pachoumi - Mark Edwards, editors

Mohr Siebeck Press

The present volume is focused on the interactions and syncretistic tensions between religion and philosophy in Late Antiquity. A variety of papers examine issues of personal religious attitudes, initiation to the mysteries, Orphism, notions of theurgy, magic, the philosopher's quest for intimacy or union with the divine, magic and Christianity, the role of prayer in philosophical texts, and oracles, dream-visions and divination. The contributions include a wide range of specialisations, such as Neoplatonism, Chaldaean Oracles, Theurgy, Patristic literature, Christian religious texts and Manichaeism.







Forrás: https://www.mohrsiebeck.com/en/book/praying-and-contemplating-in-late-antiquity-9783161561191

2020. július 26. 12:45

Permanent Revolution

The Reformation and the Illiberal Roots of Liberalism

James Simpson, author

Harvard University Press

The English Reformation began as an evangelical movement driven by an unyielding belief in predestination, intolerance, stringent literalism, political quietism, and destructive iconoclasm. Yet by 1688, this illiberal early modern upheaval would deliver the foundations of liberalism: free will, liberty of conscience, religious toleration, readerly freedom, constitutionalism, and aesthetic liberty. How did a movement with such illiberal beginnings lay the groundwork for the Enlightenment? James Simpson provocatively rewrites the history of liberalism and uncovers its unexpected debt to evangelical religion.







Forrás: https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674987135


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