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The Jewish-Greek Tradition in Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire


James K. Aitken -  James Carleton Paget, editors

Cambridge University Press

The Jewish-Greek tradition represents an arguably distinctive strand of Judaism characterized by use of the Greek language and interest in Hellenism. This volume traces the Jewish encounter with Greek culture from the earliest points of contact in antiquity to the end of the Byzantine Empire. It honors Nicholas de Lange, whose distinguished work brought recognition to an undeservedly neglected field, in part by dispelling the common belief that Jewish-Greek culture largely disappeared after 100 CE. The authors examine literature, archaeology, and biblical translations, such as the Septuagint, in order to illustrate the substantial exchange of language and ideas. The Jewish-Greek Tradition in Antiquity and the Byzantine Empire demonstrates the enduring significance of the tradition and will be an essential handbook for anyone interested in Jewish studies, biblical studies, ancient and Byzantine history, or the Greek language.




Forrás: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/jewishgreek-tradition-in-antiquity-and-the-byzantine-empire/A95D0312EB3EE073F71ABFA9B994DA99#fndtn-information


2020. július 26. 12:42

Les Coptes d'Egypte


Discriminations et persécutions (1970 - 2011)

Christine Chaillot, author

L’Harmattan Kiadó

Depuis les années 70, les chrétiens Coptes d'Egypte subissent discriminations et persécutions. Le "Printemps arabe" fut un espoir de courte durée : des islamistes ont vite occupé le terrain de la contestation et du pouvoir. Ecrit par une spécialiste, ce livre est à la fois un ouvrage de référence, un cri d'alarme pour les Européens qui doivent prendre conscience de cette question au nom des droits de l'homme et du patrimoine, et une réflexion sur les problèmes Coptes aujourd'hui.







Forrás: https://www.editions-harmattan.fr/index.asp?navig=catalogue&obj=livre&no=41893&razSqlClone=1


2020. július 26. 12:39

Political Religion

How Christianity and Islam

Shape the World

Felix Körner, SJ., author

Paulist Press

It is hard to deny that both the Christian and the Islamic faith traditions have played a significant role through the centuries in influencing world affairs. In this book Father Felix Körner, SJ, both a Catholic theologian and a student of the Islamic tradition, looks at the specific ways in which these two Abrahamic religions have shaped society and culture. Utilizing seven models to fully denote the nature of the intersection between faith and culture, between religion and world, Father Körner notes that religions see themselves as the divine means of transforming human conditions. But in the case of both Christianity and Islam, at times religion has served as a means of legitimizing violence and misrule. Looking at what he calls “the social power of religion,” he argues that religion is most fully itself when it is using its influence not to endorse violence or the abuse of power, but when it “acknowledges the other.” Only when religion uses its power to influence the world in a positive manner, when it engages with modernity in a meaningful dialogue, does religion become “political” in a meaningful sense, and only then does it shape the world as it is called to do.


Forrás: https://www.paulistpress.com/Products/5496-8/political-religion.aspx

2020. július 26. 12:37

Byzantine Poetry from Pisides to Geometres



Verlag: VÖAW

This second and last volume of Byzantine Poetry from Pisides to Geometres offers a comprehensive overview of the main poetic genres between c. 600 and 1000, combining textual analysis and contextual interpretation. The first three chapters discuss encomium, ekphrasis and ethopoiia – the three archigenres or discursive modes that, together with narration, inform the whole of Byzantine literature. The next two deal with specific rhetorical genres: monody and epithalamium. This then is followed by an account of satire, diatribe and religious poetry, all three of which tend to be rather personal: they are all forms of self-representation. The next two chapters take us to school: the first deals with didactic poetry; the second with metaphrasis, a school exercise. The last chapter treats oracles, riddles and dream keys. The book is concluded with an ‘appendix metrica’, which offers a detailed and thorough account of Byzantine metrics. Given that the first volume, which appeared in 2003, has become essential reading for all those interested in Byzantine literature, the second volume is likely to set the agenda for further research.


Forrás: https://verlag.oeaw.ac.at/byzantine-poetry-from-pisides-to-geometres2


2020. július 6. 08:32

Palliative Care and Catholic Health Care

Two Millennia of Caring for the Whole Person

Peter J. Cataldo - Dan O1Brien, editors

Springer Press

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the compatibility of palliative care with the vision of human dignity in the Catholic moral and theological traditions. The unique value of this book is that it presents expert analysis of the major domains of palliative care and how they are compatible with, and enhanced by, the holistic vision of the human person in Catholic health care. This volume will serve as a critically important ethical and theological resource on palliative care, including care at the end of life, for bioethicists, theologians, palliative care specialists, other health care professionals, Catholic health care sponsors, health care administrators and executives, clergy, and students. Patients receiving palliative care and their families will also find this book to be a clarifying and reassuring resource.




Forrás: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783030050047

2020. július 5. 09:51

Christianity and the transformation of the book

Origen, Eusebius and the Library of Caesarea

Anthony Grafton - Megan Williams, author

Harvard University Press

When early Christians began to study the Bible, and to write their own history and that of the Jews whom they claimed to supersede, they used scholarly methods invented by the librarians and literary critics of Hellenistic Alexandria. But Origen and Eusebius, two scholars of late Roman Caesarea, did far more. Both produced new kinds of books, in which parallel columns made possible critical comparisons previously unenvisioned, whether between biblical texts or between national histories. Eusebius went even farther, creating new research tools, new forms of history and polemic, and a new kind of library to support both research and book production.


Christianity and the Transformation of the Book combines broad-gauged synthesis and close textual analysis to reconstruct the kinds of books and the ways of organizing scholarly inquiry and collaboration among the Christians of Caesarea, on the coast of Roman Palestine. The book explores the dialectical relationship between intellectual history and the history of the book, even as it expands our understanding of early Christian scholarship. Christianity and the Transformation of the Book attends to the social, religious, intellectual, and institutional contexts within which Origen and Eusebius worked, as well as the details of their scholarly practices—practices that, the authors argue, continued to define major sectors of Christian learning for almost two millennia and are, in many ways, still with us today.

Forrás: https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674030480



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