Advance booking

The documents used by other users can be advance booked free of charge.

The expiration date of the advance booked documents cannot be renewed. The advance booked document - after its return – can only be borrowed by the library user asking for advance booking (henceforth: advance booker).

The library informs the advance booker by an e-mail when the requested document has been returned and it can be borrowed again. The library may inform the advance booker in other ways - at the request and cost of the advance booker. (In case of mail notice, the fee of delivery is imposed on the user).

The advance booked and returned documents are put aside for the advance booker for maximum 5 days after the notice. After the expiration date, the document can be borrowed by any other library user, or - in case of more advance bookers – the next advance booker is informed by the library.

The library user can make advance booking via the internet, if that book is borrowed. Only registered users are allowed to ask for advance booking, which can be made either at the lending counter, by phone or e-mail, or via our website by filling in the application form of Advance Booking.

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