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Library users aiming to map the technical literature of a topic available in our Library can demand a bibliography research, which requires a detailed description of the topic. The librarians compile a bibliographic list in that topic - about the bibliographic units of the documents found in the library connected to the topic – which can be used later on, for instance for writing an essay. During the research the right studies, monographies, articles of periodicals from the library's stock are collected. Compiling the bibliography takes about 1-2 days.

The fee for a bibliography made for a fixed date:

  • The basic fee of registering the topic (it is personally paid in the library): 200 Ft
  • The fee for each finding (per each bibliographic unit, it is also personally paid in the library): 10 Ft
  • Printing: 15.-Ft/ size A/4

The method of paying the basic fee and receiving the list of bibliography:

- it is possible only personally in the library.

Anyone can use this service: in the library with the informative librarians or via the website by filling in the form for bibliography research. In this case the person asking for the research is informed about the bibliography by an e-mail. The users get the printed bibliography personally – on special request, upon payment, the compiled material may be sent electronically.

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