Borrowing books

The library makes certain parts of the stock available for borrowing. Borrowing books is free of charge.

Registered library users can borrow at the lending counter.

Library users get a notification about the expiration date of borrowing.

The borrowed documents have to be returned within the time limit, counted from the day of borrowing. Anyone who fails to do this is obliged to pay the charges imposed.

Only registered users with a valid library ticket are allowed to borrow during the opening hours of the library.

The library informs its users about the number and group of books borrowed, and the expiration date of borrowing.

The period of borrowing is 30 days, but for good cause, shorter-longer expiration dates can be given to each user.

Each user can possess maximum 6 borrowed library documents. The expiration date of borrowing can be renewed only once (before it expires), either in person, by phone, by post or e-mail, or on-line via the website. After the expiration of the borrowing period, a fine is imposed. The user has to pay the total postal cost of the notice. In case of loss or damage of the borrowed documents the user is obliged to replace them and – after making an agreement with the library manager – pay compensation for the damage at the market value of the publication.

Fine, the order of Demand for Payment

Fines are imposed for books taken back after the expiration date. The amount of the fine is 10 Ft/piece daily (which increases daily until the fine is paid or the books are taken back + the postal cost of the notification letter). If the user does not receive the notification, it does not exempt him from paying the fine.

It is the user's responsibility to remember and keep the expiration date of borrowing. The library instructs the user to bring the expired documents back (I. letter of formal notice, an e-mail on the first week, II. letter of formal notice by e-mail again, III. letter of formal notice by post + an administrative fee of 150,-Ft); to collect the debt the library may turn to court. The library users having no e-mail address get the letter of formal notice by post. The staff and students of the college have to settle the debts before their legal relationship with the college is over.

Users are not allowed to borrow new books until their fine is settled.

The consequences of not keeping the expiration date occur independently from further circumstances and conditions – especially from the fact of sending and receiving the letter of formal notice of the library.

It is not considered to be a default if the library user was prevented from fulfilling this obligation by any generally known natural event or other inevitable hindrances (vis maior). If the library user fails to keep the expiration date through no fault of his own, he can excuse himself with a verification. The application of verification can be submitted within 15 days from the last day of expiration. If the library user becomes aware of the fact of default later, or the hindrance to returning items ends later, the 15-day expiration date of the application of verification starts from becoming aware of the default, or the end of the hindrance.

The application of verification is judged by the current library manager within 8 days from its submission.

The replacement of lost or damaged books

Lost or damaged documents can be fully replaced by other equivalent copies.

A hard copy of a document fully replaces the original document. The borrower is to bear the cost of copying. If the lost document cannot be replaced, the library is entitled to demand the worth of the document. (15,-Ft/page + 1500 ,-Ft for the fee of covering).

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