The electronic access of library services from home

The library provides home access of certain services for registered users having a valid library ticket and unique username and password.

Our on-line services:

  • search – in the on-line catalogue,
  • renewals of borrowed items,
  • requests for advance booking,
  • requests for bibliography research (receiving and payment in person in the library).

Making use of the services requires some modifications in the set-up of the home browser.

  • To set up the internet access of the browser, give the following URL:
  • Restart the browser, and in the login window – or in the User's details menu items of the online catalogue – type in the barcode of your valid library ticket as your user name (the number the barcode eg.: 00001234). In the case of the first login, the default password is the user's date of birth: the day and month of birth (eg. If you were born on 3 January, the default password is 0103).
  • You have to check the expiration date of the borrowed documents in every case, and read the error message above the User's Details!

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