Social Renewal Operational Programme (TÁMOP) Tender

As part of the Social Renewal Operational Programme tender (TÁMOP-3.2.4.A-11/1-2012-0054) won by the College in the autumn of 2012, the institute started the introduction of the Corvina Integrated Library System. The installation of the Corvina database and the conversion of the configuration and the data of the existing stock has started. The aim of the project is to make the bibliographic items of the library stock accessible without any limitation for the users and "to support the process of life-long learning".

The Corvina system makes the search of the library stock easier through the modern and user friendly electronic catalogue system. Document renewal, viewing of borrowing data and electronic advance booking are provided on-line for registered users. Anyone who is interested in the library can indicate the need for registration (they can download the necessary documents), but the registration can be done only in person.

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