The use of the reading hall

The user has to record the time of entry by signing the statistical brochure on the table near the entrance. The reading hall is public, and the stock of books, periodicals, and recorded documents of the library and its search program can be used locally by anyone. The special-collection can only be used with previous permission. Use of the Internet is possible for only the full-time students of theology and the full-time students taking a BA course started in 2006. The time of use and the number of the computer must be recorded in the statistical brochure.

Library users are allowed to enter only certain rooms of the Library.

Library users are not allowed to enter the restricted rooms and transport routes.

Library users are required to use the property of the library (library documents, devices, furniture) carefully.

It is forbidden to cause irrevocable changes and damage on the library documents; that is, to crease, fold, or tear out pages of printed documents, to underline or highlight or copy the text, to write or draw on the pages of the document, to scratch the surface of optical media (CDs, DVDs).

Picture or audio recordings are allowed to be made - regardless of the method or the type of the used device - only in a specific place of the library, in a specific way and rate.

The library can forbid the use of any item possessed by the user (device, object, equipment) which may disturb others while making use of the services of the library under normal conditions. The library is entitled to restrict the use of such objects in certain rooms.

The library can forbid the use of any such allowed means that are being used in a disturbing way.

The library user is required to show any objects brought into the library when requested to by the library staff, and to pass them for control purposes.

In the rooms of the library a safety technical system for recording and storing pictures is operating.

Local Use

The books that may not be borrowed that are put in the storage room can be asked for in the reading hall for only local use. The storage room number of the book has to be searched for in the electronic catalogue system, written down and the request submitted in the reading hall. The so called 'protected documents' can also be asked for in the reading hall for the purpose of academic research – besides certain conditions which are drafted in the order of the use of the museum-like documents.

The documents for local use can be photocopied only in the library according to certain rules.

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