Borrowing renewal

The expiration date of borrowing - if the document is not advance booked or asked for by others - can be renewed maximum once. Renewal can only be made if the user does not owe anything to the library.

Users can renew documents borrowed from the library

  • in person
  • by phone (42-597-600) / extension 310,
  • by an e-mail or any other electronic addresses of the website of the library,
  • on-line from the website – OPAC, via the Login menu item,
  • by post.

A library document can be renewed if:

  • it has not exceeded the expiration date based on the Regulations of the library, or has not been renewed yet,
  • it is not advance booked,
  • there are no other circumstances against the user that could hinder it (expired registration, debt, etc.).

In case of the problems mentioned above, the long-term renewal is not possible. In this case the librarian should be asked – in person, by phone or e-mail - about the fulfilment of the request for renewal.

Making use of any service requires the number of the library ticket. If the documents borrowed by you are not advance booked, you can ask for the renewal once, for 30 days.

After receiving the request, the librarian renews the expiration date of the documents borrowed by the user then informs the user about the new expiration date of the borrowing, or about the reason for denial of renewal.

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