Reproduction services (photocopying, scanning)

Photocopies are allowed to be made of the documents that cannot be borrowed - while respecting copyright – exclusively with the photocopier in the library.

The group of reproduced documents, and the process needed for reproduction is determined by the library with regard to the value, condition and other conservation aspects of the document.

The library user may commission – while respecting copyright - the library to duplicate a certain part of the library stock for private use on payment. The Library staff must take every kind of measure to impede the infringement of copyright. In cases involving infringement of copyright, the library staff are entitled to refuse to fulfill the order.

The reproduction and duplication of the documents with private devices is not allowed by the Library.

Photocopying – while respecting the aspects of conservation and copyright - is done on payment. If You need more details about the reproduction service, please contact the library.

(VAT is included in the prices.)

Black and white (photocopying, scanning)

Of library documents

  • A/4 - 10 Ft
  • A/4 double-sided - 20 Ft
  • A/3 - 30 Ft
  • A/3 double-sided - 60 Ft

Of a users own – brought-in documents

  • A/4 - 15 Ft
  • A/4 double-sided - 30 Ft
  • A/3 - 30 Ft
  • A/3 double-sided - 60 Ft


The printing service is available locally from the workstations in the reading hall of the library, and from all the computers with Internet access. The user can receive the documents sent to the central printer at the lending counter.

Black and white (printing)

  • A/4 - 15 Ft
  • A/3 - 30 Ft

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