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All the books on science, education, art, culture, history; periodicals, other issues, as well as every kind of texts, pictures, data, and recordings including electronic documents - except for the archives-like documents qualified as archives materials covered by the Law of LXVI of 1995 about the protection of official documents, national archives, private archives - catalogued by the Library and needed to provide its basic and supplementary tasks are considered to be library documents.

Zones of the open shelves

The reading hall (the room for technical books): the place for technical and reference books,

  • general works, encyclopaedias
  • philosophy
  • spirituality
  • psychology
  • theology
  • biblical theology
  • church history
  • history of art
  • oriental church art
  • history of culture
  • dogmatics
  • Bibles
  • Ethical theology
  • pastoral psychology
  • pastoral pedagogy
  • church doctrine
  • liturgy
  • doctrine of sanctity
  • monastic order
  • patrology
  • Greek Oriental Church
  • Oriental Christanity
  • religious science
  • sociology
  • canon law
  • pedagogy, education
  • church music
  • dictionaries, languages
  • biblical languages
  • science of literature
  • classics
  • hagiography
  • geography
  • history

In the college building – on the second floor – the reading hall awaits users with its reference library of 2500 volumes in the above mentioned fields of sciences. The works are arranged according to the fields of science and topics – in a thematic order, with their abbreviations – and marked with a cutter number (i.e. their place in the catalogue, eg.: Art C 56). The users themselves take the books down from the shelves in the reading hall. The documents of the storage room can be looked for through the computer catalogue system and must be asked for by stating the right shelfmark of the storage room.

Librarians help to find the books both in the online catalogue system and on the shelves. The books from the reference library and certain 'protected' books or frequently needed books from the storage room can be read exclusively in the library, and they can be taken out of the reading hall only with the librarian's permission after registration.

We keep statistics about the books used locally; therefore users are not allowed to put these books back on the shelves, but instead must leave them on the table.

The archives of periodicals (- reading room): current periodicals

The latest volumes of certain periodicals can be found in the archives of periodicals. The current issue can be taken down from the shelf, while previous issues of the volumes can be found behind the shelf (you do not need to ask the librarian for them). Certain periodicals - the volumes of previous issues, ceased periodicals, old materials, etc. – are kept in the storage room; after being asked for, they are presented in the reading hall. In connection with the periodical issues (from daily papers and periodicals to year books), all kinds of services and information can be requested in the reading hall. Here, approximately 141 (63 Hungarian and 78 foreign) current issues of periodicals can be available on the open shelves. The right issue of the needed periodical must be looked for and requested through the computer catalogue system. In the computer catalogue system, the title of unsystematized issues can also be found.

The periodical issues can be read locally, and copies can be made of single articles and studies only with the librarian's help.

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