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Registration can be done only in person, at the lending counter, by filling in and signing the registration form.

The students having valid legal relationship with Saint Athanasius Greek Catholic Theological College, the staff of the college, and the theological students of the College of Nyíregyháza can register in the library unconditionally.

To get your library ticket you need the following:

identity card, address card, passport or residence permit in case of foreign citizens,
filled in registration form
registration fee (500 Ft per 365 days)
Non-members need the written permission of the current rector of the college for registration.

Request for registration – the permission of the rector of Saint Athanasius Greek Catholic Theological College.
By signing the registration form the library user claims that he is aware of the orders of the Regulations, acknowledges and considers them binding on himself, and allows his personal details to be handled by the library.

The library user is required to claim and prove truthfully his:

  • surname and first name, surname and first name at birth
  • place of birth
  • date of birth
  • mother's surname and first name at birth
  •  address
  • e-mail address

To prove personal details, the most suitable documents are a valid identity card, driving licence card, passport, residence permit, address card or the old type of identity card.

During registration the library user is asked to give a telephone number which is needed as a detail to help in contacting the user. The library user can refuse to give this detail, or can ask to delete it at any time.

The library is entitled and obliged to handle the library user's details by respecting the current data protection regulations. By registering, the library user allows the library to handle his details.

The details of the user can be handled by the library until the library user claims in writing that he will not use the services of the library in the future (i.e. he ends his library membership). 5 years after the expiration date of the library ticket it must be presumed that the library user intends to end his membership, except if the library user owes the library.

The registered library user is required to inform the library about any changes in his personal details within a maximum of 30 days.

The library issues a library ticket for the registered library user. The library ticket is the property of the user and cannot be transfered to anyone.

The period of validity of the library ticket expires 365 days after being issued according to the statement made by the library user at the registration.

The library user can renew the period of validity of the library ticket personally by proving his personal details needed for registration. The registration fee is 500,- Ft/year.

Before renewing the period of validity of the library ticket, the library user is obliged to return the borrowed and expired library documents and discharge his debts.

Lost library tickets can be replaced in person, after showing the valid document suitable for proving the user's personal details. The replacement fee is 500.-Ft. for each registered user.